Our prevention policy cor COVID-19

Kin Custom & COVID-19 Updates

Latest details on the COVID-19 crisis and how it could impact your orders.

May 26th, 2020

COVID has impacted us on a global level we never imagined or thought we would possibly endure in this lifetime. As nations across the world slowly begin to reopen, major adjustments will be made in our personal lives, for businesses, and our overall economy.
We have been very fortunate to focus our efforts in securing our supply chain for you from materials, health and safety of our teams, and logistics with minimal disruption at this stage. However, as your manufacturer and logistics support, we must adapt to global changes to ensure positive outcomes. 
For this reason, effective 6/8/2020, we will no longer offer standard shipping. Due to COVID, standard shipping has not provided a positive experience for you with extreme shipping delays. For us we can no longer support the overall cost.
Key facts:
  • As of now, standard shipping will not return.
  • International orders must use Premium or Express.
  • US orders will have the option to use UPS Economy for a flat rate of $4.99/product.
  • US orders with UPS Economy is 7-10 business day delivery.
  • Economy shipping will apply to all new orders starting 6/8/2020.
  • US orders with UPS Economy will be shipped from our manufacturing center in China to our distribution center in Ohio. Here it will be undergo reshipment and shipped to its final destination. *Exceptions may apply due to volume.
  • Your Order dashboard in Creator Studio will be updated to include every status so you know where your packages are at every stage from processing until it's delivered. 
We are grateful for your commitment to us and it's our commitment to you to be the service provider you can rely on during these trying times. For more information, please visit our Shipping page.

April 27th, 2020

We're sorry! Until further notice, all orders submitted with Standard shipping will use China Post as their carrier (includes domestic and international orders). Shipping times will be extended to 30+ business days and orders will not qualify for refund due to long shipping times when Standard shipping is selected. 

We strongly recommend selecting Premium or Express shipping methods to ensure your packages are delivered promptly. Visit our Shipping page for Premiums and Express shipping rates to calculate into your profit margins.


April 17th, 2020

As we continue navigating through this uncertain time, we want to make you aware we have to temporarily change to our primary carrier, DHL, for Premium and Express shipping.
Because of volume at the China custom ports, DHL is pausing all new shipment exports and instead we will use FedEx. With this change, please note the following:
  • Orders shipped from 4/18/2020- 4/21/2020 will use FedEx
  • FedEx Express Shipping: 5-7 business days
  • FedEx Premium Shipping: 6-8 business days
Per DHL, we have been instructed to resume normal delivery by 4/22/2020.

March 26th, 2020

Important shipping announcement! As we continue working through this global pandemic, our carriers informed us on countries and states who are not accepting imported goods due to the state of emergency they are in. These regulations are mandated by carrier and by country/state so please review the details below. 

  • Orders submitted from 3/26 until further notice with the contingencies below do not qualify for refund due to long shipping. 

Our manufacturing centers continue to perform rigorous sanitation practices to ensure the safety of our employees meet the regulations mandated by the Chinese government. We strongly encourage all customers to use Express/Premium if your state/country are not affected by the shipping notice mentioned here:

  1. United States standard shipping has been extended to 10-30+ business days as our primary carrier, SF Express, mandated the extension.
  2. Germany, France, UK, Spain, Japan and South Korea requires using Express or Premium as our standard shipping carrier, China Post, can no longer ship to these countries. If you opt for standard shipping, your order will be cancelled, and you must reorder with Express or Premium.
  3. Italy continues to fight against the virus and cannot receive imported goods indefinitely. 
For more information about the changes with standard shipping, please contact our Customer Experience team by submitting a help ticket here. If you need more information about the COVID-19 and receiving packages, please contact your local health department or by contacting the Center for Disease Control.

March 17th, 2020

Amid the devastation COVID-19 has caused, businesses around the world are now taking drastic measures to ensure the safe and well-being of their employees and customers.
As a global manufacturing company, we support remote teams across the globe therefore our business operations are not affected. Simply adjusted. By owning and operating our manufacturing centers, we are fortunately able to continue delivering our services to you with minimal impact.
A few important updates to note:
  1. Customer Experience will continue to service you during regular business hours.
  2. Production time will not be affected as they have resumed their “new” normal since early March to meet health and safety measures set by Chinese government officials.
  3. We are not expecting any material shortages and have a fully stocked material supply.
  4. As of now, Italy is the only country we are not able to ship to due to the flight ban.
These times are hard and ever-changing but we will continue to update you. We are thinking of all those affected during this time of crisis and are grateful to allow our services to be here for you in a time of need.

January 28th, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, orders submitted from 1/31- 2/18 will be placed on a temporary delay. All orders submitted during this time will be shipped via DHL Express free of charge on or before 2/21.

Our production team has resumed normal working hours. Please review the order status timelines below: 

**Orders placed from 1/21-1/30 will be shipped via DHL Express on or before 2/13.

**Orders placed from 1/31-2/18 will be shipped via DHL Express on or before 2/21.

**Excludes Home Goods as delays will be after 3/1 or longer.

As of January 30th, the World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus as a global health emergency. We understand this is a very concerning time for those affected by the outbreak as well as your business.  Since January 21st, our manufacturing centers have been closed due to Chinese New Year including customs. 

Although our manufacturing centers in Quanzhou, Fuijan province are not near the current affected areas in Wuhan, Hubei province, Chinese government officials are mandating to extend Chinese New Year until February 10th, 2020 in efforts to prevent spreading of the virus. Because Chinese New Year has been extended,  businesses must continue to be closed without exception including customs and shipping ports. Contingent upon Chinese government ruling, shipping ports may be able to resume normal shipping by February 10th but also may continue to be delayed.

Our production team is working very closely with our shipping carrier, DHL to ensure all screening requirements are met and will continue to adhere to all safety guidelines provided by international health agencies. If you would like more information on the screening requirements, please contact DHL.

Beginning 1/31, should you decide to submit an order with this notice, please note we will not be able to issue a reprint/refund but will make every effort to ship your merchandise as soon as possible.

For more information about the COVID-19, please contact your local health department or by contacting the Center for Disease Control.